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I am going to use this blog to tell you about my Learning Journey. I’ll add all my achievements from inside and outside school.  I’ll also add some news about what’s happening in my life. Click on the ‘Categories’ section in my sidebar to find out more.

Merry Christmas

I am so excited to Christmas I love it so much and can’t wait. Last we where making our County topics I did Greece and enjoyed finding out facts about it. I am blogging with Ellie T at the moment next we are going to play cool maths games. Hope every one enjoys Christmas. 🙂

The Country Pancake

In reading my group the green group are reading a book called The Country Pancake.At the start of the story a boy called Lancelot got a new teacher called Miss Mirabelle. She was always daydreaming and the headteacher Miss Spicier doesn’t like her. But Lancelot wants to help her. After that Miss Mirabelle told the headteacher a lie because she was daydreaming. Will Lancelot be able to save her?



Hi world on Thursday It was Stuart’s last day at carronshore primary I was so sad because he was my best friend we had a surprise party. We got teacher to make Stuart help her with something to lift and we got lots of food I brought in a chocolate cake and a Thornton’s fudge cake. Rachel had balloons when he came back in we all shouted “SURPRISE!!!!!!!” we watched some power point’s some people to say good bye I was vvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy sad.


On Saturday I went fishing with my Uncle Roy, cousin Robbie, Dad and brother Adam to Loch Earn Head in the north of Calander it was an hour and a half away. We set up the tent and got our rods in ready to put in the water we left them until something bit then Robbie cot one it was about 3 and a half pound then I got one it was a brown trout and Robbie cot a rainbow trout my brother got a rainbow trout. Then there was a river between us and an island. We made a bridge with stones to get across. We went swimming in  the Loch it was really cold their was a drop in the loch and I had to swim back to the shallow end.We also made a rope swing with rope that was hanging on the tree with a bit of wood from the fire.We all got a shot and went to start the fire with the maches in the army rashin packs which are boxes of food for the army you can get them from camping shops. We started the fire and cooked dinner hot dogs. we went to sleep in the tent at 1 o`clock in the morning an got up at 6 o`clock in the morning. My brother and dad were up before me and in the morning my brother caught another one. For my breackfast I had pasta bolanais out of the rashin pack and square sausage on a roll AND! a chocolate brown. We got ready to leave and put all the stuff in the car because my dad’s car is so small I was nearly chocking on all the stuff but I was fine. We where going to my Gran’s caravan which was 2 minutes away. So my mum could carry some of our stuff. Here is  2 pictures of the fish. securedownload[2]securedownload[1]

The Gate

 Today I made a gate with my dad because the old one was getting old and chip’t. I also got to take apart the old one. I made a lock out of the old gate and hurt my hand with the hamer the new gate is taller and stronger.

Answers for New Zealand

Here are answers for New Zealand.

1.The main celebrations are New year Christmas Burn super and Halloween.

2.The union Jack flag is made up by the Scottish flag the English flag and northern Ireland flag.But the welsh flag is not on it because they where with England then the first union Jack was made.

3.Pakistan where the first to use a wind Instrument with a bladder .

4.I speak English with a Scottish voice.

5.The national animal is a Unicorn.

6.The Famous food are haggis and stovies.

7. Famous Dances are strip the willow and hundred more



Hi world yesterday I went to my Auntie Ellie’s and Mick’s of dinner. Before that we had an Easter egg hunt in her garden, her garden is very big. There were 7 eggs each and one big rabbit each. I found my rabbit under the car and I found all my eggs first.For dinner I had chicken soup for starters, steak pie for main course with mashed and roast potato, and for dessert I had rice pudding with cream, raspberries and stewed cinnamon apples. I was given a present which had five metal puzzles in it, I solved 4 of them, the last was really hard!!!!!


Hello world sorry I have not been on my blog for a while but happy Easter I got for chocolate and money. I tried to make chocolate with corn flacks but I burnt the chocolate. My MuM is getting a new car she is getting a Hyundai I X 35 in a ice blue colour. I got to have a test drive in it it was fun. she’s bought it now but I wanted a vauxhall mokka but it did have a good sise and better wheels. 

My Happy Thought Journal

Here are some of my Thoughts.

I am grateful that a have a roof over my head and that I get food very easy.

I love my family very very much that I make them cards and buy them stuff.

My best goals are to learn all my times tables of by heart and learn more art stuff.


I have helped others by helping with work and R.A.K and if people fell I helped them.

One of the good I have had with friends was when we had a water fight in the summer or when I  was hitting my brother with snow .

Random Acts of kindness report

In class recently we have been trying out some kindness ideas (R.A.K) for short. The aim for R.A.K. is to make a better world by doing and sharing kindness actions.

We wrote Ambassador statements like caring, loyalty and kindness. These are just some of the many ambassador statements we have been doing.

We wrote the primary 1”s letters and we made them using Microsoft word and then we gave the letter to them to tell them that we were going to be their reading buddies. For homework we made them a book and my one was called the big gift. Then we read them it and they said they liked it.

We made secret compliments to some teachers in the school. I made one for the art teacher and French teacher. We cut shapes out and wrote nice compliments and secretly stuck it on their doors and left smile cards to tell them to give someone a compliment and pass the card on.

We have more things planned for later.